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 CO2RE Intima to treat all areas of the skin and intimate areas.

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Women in all stages of life can present symptoms of decreased vaginal health. Studies show that over 50% of women go through urinary incontinence issues, and almost 80% of women experience symptoms of vaginal atrophy. CO2RE Intima is a in-office, non surgical, procedure that can help improve your overall vaginal health.

Whether your a new mom experiencing the symptoms of bladder incontinence or vaginal atrophy, a menopausal woman beginning to experience painful intercourse and increased vaginal infections, or a postmenopausal women who wants to reclaim her quality of life, Co2RE Intima by Syneron Candela is one of the best treatment options available.

What is Co2RE Intima?

Co2RE Intima is an internal and external vaginal CO2 laser treatment that promotes stimulation of new vaginal tissue growth by stimulating collagen production in your vaginal wall. After 72 hours, new tissue is beginning to form leaving increased vaginal moisture, decreased laxity, and new research is promising for treating conditions such as stress urine leakage. Some women have issues with aesthetic conditions of the vagina such as skin laxity, pigmentation, skin tags, moles, and scarring. During external treatment, the CO2RE procedures provided address any or all of the issues you may have.

Is the procedure painful?

Absolutely not! While the laser warms the tissue of the vaginal wall, you shouldn’t feel pain or discomfort. Most people describe the sensation as similar to the pressure felt during an annual exam. The skin around the vagina has increased feeling, therefore we numb with a topical agent before we start the procedure. This minimizes the discomfort felt during external treatment. You are given a cream that you apply before the procedure.

How does it work?

The wand is made specifically for the vaginal canal, and is moved along the vaginal walls in clockwise motion applying the laser in a 360˚ pattern to the vaginal tissue. The treatment takes a matter of minutes and requires no downtime afterwards. You can come in at lunchtime, get your treatment, and be back at work with no discomfort, swelling, or bleeding. Patients with severe vaginal dryness may experience spotting.

The CO2 laser causes micro-injuries to the vaginal lining, prompting your body’s natural healing process and collagen production. The treatment effectively thickens the vaginal wall, restoring your vaginal health and eliminating the symptoms of vaginal atrophy, bladder incontinence, and mild vaginal prolapse.

The full treatment usually requires three sessions spaced a four weeks apart with a yearly follow-up treatment if needed. Results, however, are usually noticeable after the first treatment.

Is CO2RE Intima right for me?

Co2RE Intima is a treatment for any woman who wants improved vaginal health, including women experiencing the symptoms of vaginal atrophy, dyspareunia (painful sex), vaginitis caused by hormonal changes, urinary incontinence, and low estrogen levels caused by menopause.

Women who have gone through childbirth and/or menopause are more likely to experience symptoms related to their vaginal health that affect their overall quality of life and lifestyle, but the treatment is available for any women who is concerned about their vaginal health.

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