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Arcanum Medical Spa Canon City & Colorado Springs, Colorado. We offer bio-identical hormone therapies.

Bio-identical Hormones

If you are suffering from menopausal symptoms from lack of hormones, the preferred option for you may be bio-identical hormones.

Bio-identical hormones are structurally the same as the natural hormones that your body secreted when you were younger. Most people feel better with resolved symptoms when using bio identical hormones. They have the advantage of full strength and full benefit because they bypass the liver. Suzanne Summers popularized these in her book, Forever Young, and they usually fulfill their promise.

Hormone therapy is indeed an anti-aging strategy and could help your mind and body stay healthier and younger. Proper hormonal balance can help you decrease body fat and increase your lean body mass. Many people find they can lose weight and keep it off better. Hormones can make your skin look younger by improving the collagen and elasticity of your skin. They can promote and improve better (and deeper) sleep patterns.

An advantage of bioidentical hormones for you is they can be titrated appropriately to meet your hormonal needs. The dosage for you is individualized so you can achieve the maximum effects from them. Bioidentical hormones can increase your energy levels, improve your cognitive function, and improve your sexual performance and libido.

Bio-identical Hormone Therapy at a Glance

Treatment ForSymptoms of hormone loss due to aging, plus health benefits
Brain effectsImproved memory, decreased risk of Alzheimer’s disease
Skin effectsStimulates collagen; improved skin fullness and elasticity
Heart effectsImproved heart health through multiple pathways
Bone effectsDecreased risk of osteoporosis; improved bone strength
Breast effectsIncreased breast tenderness and fullness
Muscle effectsImproved muscle tone and health
Fat effectsChange in fat metabolism to help maintain weight
Sleep effectsImproved sleep patterns
Hot flashesReduced to eliminated hot flashes
Vaginal effectsMaintain vaginal health to prevent atrophy and painful sex
Sexual effectsIncreased libido and sexual response
Cancer riskNo statistically significant increased risk of breast cancer
Stroke riskSlight increased risk if started after age 60
Benefits and risksIn most patients, benefits outweigh risks; considering all effects

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