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Arcanum Medical Spa Canon City + Colorado Springs, Colorado. Anti aging therapies for all ages.

We all want to live longer yet be able to enjoy an active life as we grow older. At Arcanum, we offer anti-aging treatments to help you to live healthier


You most likely feel the same. Unfortunately, your body is continually bombarded with a multitude of stresses that can wear you down and cause your body to “age.” Fortunately, there are anti-aging actions that you can take to help you become healthier. Whether called “Anti-aging” or “Wellness,” they are simply preventive health care actions that can help you maintain a healthier, more youthful body.

Your body can look older as environmental factors affect your skin and internal organs. Aging processes worsen when you develop medical problems such as heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and many other medical illnesses. These are some of the “degenerative diseases” that can make you grow old faster. They can weaken you, give you poor quality of life, and decrease your lifespan. Thus, they “age” our bodies. Anti-aging concepts and options attempt to help prevent or reverse these degenerative processes. We can help you to discover these options to potentially help you not only live longer, but also live with a better quality of life.

We strongly believe that the daily stresses in life are a key component of the aging process. These include poor nutrition, lack of exercise, environmental free radical exposure, and inadequate rest. We proudly offer an array of services that will help you to revitalize the body, mind, and spirit! Go ahead; it’s never too late to start taking care of yourself!

Anti-Aging and Wellness Options at a Glance

Skin AestheticsRepair and rejuvenate your skin for a younger look
Heart HealthMaintain and improve the fitness of your heart and muscles
Hormone TherapyBalance your hormones to better your mind, body and emotions
Weight LossLose the extra weight to look better and feel healthier as well as increase muscle tone and strength with our Emsculpt Neo system.
DetoxificationMetabolic cleanse of the bowel & liver
Laboratory EvaluationsHormonal saliva/urine testing & nutritional serum evaluations
Wellness SpaAn array of services that are designed to gently cleanse the body of impurities, improve your well-being, and promote relaxation.

Anti-Aging FAQs

What Are Anti-Aging and Wellness Centers?

Wellness Centers take an active preventative approach to health care. we believe you can alter some of the effects of aging by preventing, delaying, or reversing some of the damages associated with aging. If you embrace these concepts of anti-aging medicine, you can potentially reduce many of the destructive processes associated with aging as you get older.

What Are my Options for Decreasing Aging Effects on My Skin?

There are many actions that can help a person have younger looking face and skin. This is called facial rejuvenation, and we have multiple options for achieving this goal. Everyone has different needs. To restore a more youthful look, we reduce wrinkles, restore lost volume, and reduce pigmentations. For many people, skin resurfacing may be needed to remove old aged looking skin and restore it with new younger regenerated skin.

How Can I Improve My Heart Health?

All authorities agree that adequate exercise and a healthy diet with proper nutrition can help restore and maintain the health of your heart. Making sure your body has the proper balance of lipids is also important. Blood tests can be done to evaluate your lipid profile and anti-lipid therapy can be initiated. Maintaining an appropriate weight can also help better your heart health significantly. We offer options for these actions, including successful weight loss program.

What Are My Options for Hormone Anti-Aging Concepts?

A proper hormonal balance can help restore your energy, improve your mood, and help prevent many degenerative processes from occurring. Although many people are afraid of hormone therapy due to media misinterpretation, we believe that hormones are very beneficial when prescribed properly. We offer multiple choices for hormone therapy, including bio-identical natural hormonal therapy. When you have adequate hormones in your body, you feel, look and act younger. Moreover, your internal organs can benefit from their anti-aging actions too.

Why is a Weight Loss Program Anti-Aging?

Losing excess weight reduces your chances of developing many of the degenerative disease processes that make your body age prematurely. There is a large body of evidence that has proven these anti-aging properties of weight loss. The risk of you developing medical problems such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer, arthritis, and many other degenerative processes is markedly reduced. The problem is that most people who are overweight or obese have difficulty losing the weight.

The goal for nutritional supplementation is to provide adequate nutrients to your body to help decrease the degenerative processes from aging you prematurely. Our office offers pharmaceutical grade quality nutraceuticals to restore the body to a healthy condition. They should help you live a better quality of life and hopefully help you to live longer too. Some of the properties of nutrients that can assist in these goals are anti-oxidant effects, immune boosters, and actions that favor a heart healthy lipid profile. A nutritional evaluation can be performed with targeted serum evaluations and in-depth reporting of deficiencies. We offer guidelines and replacements at our Wellness center for these deficiencies.

What Are Some Actions I Can DoToday for Anti-Aging?

Some health improving actions you can do for your anti-aging goals include: Weight Loss, Weight Management, Nutritional Diet, Adequate Exercise, Cigarette Cessation, Annual Physical Exams, Heart Health Evaluations, Breast Exams, Mammograms, Prostate Exams, and Gastrointestinal Evaluations.

What is a Wellness Consultation?

This informative consultation will cover diet, exercise, vitamins, nutritional supplements, lifestyle, and general well being. Bloodwork, urine testing, and saliva testing may be ordered.

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